HealthHorizon Product

HealthHorizon is one from the most successful HMS (Hospital Management System) with all required features to run a practice or hospital smoothly and hassle free. HealthHorizon has become preferred choice for respective physicians, clinics, hospital and nursing homes. Having various integrated modules like Outpatient clinics, Inpatient, Radiology, Various Hospital Stocks, pharmacy, laboratory, Third Party Payer, invoices and Monthly Claims, it has everything a physician needs.

HealthHorizon is an end-to-end hospital management software that helps physicians, clinics, and hospitals to make their practice paperless. We tailor customized hospital management systems and clinic management system that best suit the unique requirement of each hospital. We provide scalable software with different modules like Laboratory, Pharmacy, Inventory, and Accounting; thereby digitizing the basic management and record-keeping and making management tasks easier.

System Modules